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Panora, IA





Q: What will my experience be like at a Fountain of Life Church service?

  1. Infants/toddlers: our trained staff is available to watch your little ones during the entire service if you so desire.

  2. Children up to 7 yrs old: Worship with the adults, then leave to their own room to be taught the Word on their level.

  3. Children 8-12: With adults entire service, but have their own teaching on Wed night.

We live our lives based on what we BELIEVE. Sometimes we believe things that simply aren’t true, or at the least...aren’t helpful. Assimilating God’s Word into our lives ensures that we are acting upon truth and helping our lives.

Everyone worships. It’s just a matter of who or what you worship. God is the only One worthy of worship, and God is the only One who returns peace, life, and joy to us when we worship Him.



Pastor’s Corner

Randy Leib

  1. Service: Sunday 10 a.m., lasts 1-1/2 hours

  2. Dress:Some wear business attire, some wear jeans

  3. Music: Service begins with praise to the Lord...about  25 minutes of singing contemporary worship choruses mixed in with hymns set to pop music. Tastefully loud.

  4. Sermon: 45-50 minutes, from the Bible, and can be practically applied to your life.

From “When is a Revival Needed,” by Charles Finney, 19th century American evangelist.

“When there are dissensions, and jealousies, and evil speakings among professors of religion, then there is great need of a revival. These things show that Christians have got far from God, and it is time to think earnestly of a revival. Religion cannot prosper with such things in the church, and nothing can put an end to them like a revival.

When there is a worldly spirit in the church: it is manifest that the church is sunk down into a low and backslidden state, when you see Christians conform to the world in dress, equipage, parties, seeking worldly amusements, reading novels and other books such as the world reads. It shows that they are far from God, and that there is a great need of a Revival of Religion”